Our company is new in the market and our prime focus is to implement the blockchain technology to revolutionize the charity-giving sector and develop transparent and better relations among the donors and the people or firms they are funding. With the help of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, we provide methods for recording the transactions by using our efficient peer-to-peer network connections. In order to provide such a platform, we formulated our own cryptocurrency. Our custom platform helps the donors to keep track of the progress of the charity group they support. Moreover, we also inform them to release more funds when a specific requirement is complete.
In addition to our web platform, we also have a mobile application that helps common people to make donations in the form of cryptocurrencies. People can even exchange their cryptocurrencies with our custom cryptocurrency so that people can make donations in a more secure manner. Moreover, people have to pay a very nominal fee in order to take their cryptocurrency tokens from our platform.
We have collaborations with various third-party companies that help us to deliver better services. Our partners own over two lakh charity-giving platforms that help us to spread the donations on a much wider level. Moreover, they also use various social media platforms to promote their services hence are very popular in the market. This also generates a sense of trust in the charity agencies and they are willing to make more transactions with our platform.
Our process of working involves setting up a milestone for a charitable trust. Then the donors who have an interest in contributing for these firms validate our set milestone. We ensure that milestones are set according to the needs and work of charitable firms. Next, the charitable firms complete these milestones and provide evidence of the completion of the work. All the proofs and evidence are available on all our platforms, so donors and charity firms can check them whenever they feel like. Moreover, they also allow donors to keep track of the milestones set for the charitable firms. After, the donors receive a proper confirmation of the completion of the previous task, and then only we inform them about releasing funds for reaching the next milestone. With this procedure, we ensure convenience at each stage of the process to all the parties involved in the transactions.
Some additional features that are an online portal offer to our clients are registration and identity verification facilities, tracking the status of the previous and current donations, complete information about the added amount due to the various taxes in the state. Moreover, we also provide opportunities for our clients to widen their connection and make new contacts. All our contracts are smart and provide great convenience in the transactions. Lastly, the obvious feature, people can easily convert and donate their cryptocurrencies with our platform in a properly secured manner.
By dealing with us, you can ensure that your currency is safe and utilized at the proper firm. We offer the most convenient services and are the most reliable one in the sector.